Can Physiotherapy Help Tinnitus?

The Headache Neck & Jaw Clinic was recently asked by a group of audiologists how jaw and neck physiotherapy can help clients with tinnitus. Our Director, Scott Cook, and Senior Associate Physiotherapist, Karri Field, provided a short power point presentation to explain the close associations between the ear, neck and jaw.

Here at the HNJ Clinic we frequently have clients present with combined neck, jaw and tinnitus problems. Assessing and treating the neck and jaw in these cases facilitates reduced mechanical compression and irritation to the soft tissue and nerves around the eustachian tubes and tympanic membranes. Clients receive the most success from physiotherapy if their tinnitus is aggravated by neck and jaw movements.

If you’re interested, have a sneak peek at our powerpoint presentation below. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or if you would like us to do a presentation for your business.


Author: Karri Field