Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plan

Did you know that the Chronic Disease Management Scheme can provide rebates for Physiotherapy treatment? Here are some answers to FAQs we often receive.    

Am I eligible to receive rebates under the Chronic Disease Management Plan?

You may be eligible if you have at least one medical condition that has been present for six months or more, or the condition is terminal.

Who is the plan available to?

The Plan is available to patients within the community and private in-patients of a hospital being discharged.

How can I receive the rebate?

Your GP has to provide a specific CDM Referral to your physiotherapist. So you must make an appointment to see your GP. When making the appointment mention what the purpose of the visit is as it takes a little time to make the necessary arrangements for the referral.

What happens next?

Once your GP has organised the necessary GP Management Plan/Team Care Arrangement/Referral they will either send the paperwork to The Headache, Neck & Jaw Clinic or give you the paperwork to bring for your next appointment. If you have been given the paperwork, please present this to the Reception team on arrival for your appointment so they can have everything ready for you by the time you have finished the consultation with your Physiotherapist.

How many physiotherapy treatment rebates can I receive?

This is decided by your GP, but you can receive up to 5 throughout a calendar year.

How do I claim the Rebate?

At The Headache, Neck & Jaw Clinic, we have the facilities to process the claim for you (provided you are eligible*). You will need to pay for the full fee up front and we can then process your claim and the money will go back into your bank account. If you are not eligible, we ask that you pay our normal fee up front and we then provide you with a receipt, which you can take to Medicare to claim your rebate or upload the receipt to an app on your smart phone and they will transfer the money back into your account.

* To be eligible to claim the rebate in one of our clinics, there are a few things we need to make you aware of. Firstly, if the paperwork has not yet been submitted by your GP or processed by Medicare, your claim will be denied and this will mean that you will need to claim at a Medicare office or through the smart phone app. Secondly, for our team to process a rebate, you will need to have a Savings or Cheque account card. Medicare do not supply rebates to Credit Cards. Lastly, if you would like us to process your claim for you, please allow adequate time for processing as these claims can take up to 3 minutes. The Headache, Neck & Jaw Clinic reserve the right to decline processing a claim if time does not permit.

How much is the Rebate?

The Medicare Rebate changes each year. In 2018 the rebate is $52.95

How can I get more information?

You can visit your nearest Medicare Centre or Click onto the link below.