Migraine Treatments

Migraine treatment

Treating migraine is not like any other physiotherapy. Not all migraines can be treated by physiotherapists and not all physiotherapists can treat migraines. Accurate and safe assessment of the upper cervical spine determines exactly whether each individual migraine has a musculoskeletal origin.

To treat a migraine, we have to understand the properties of the migraine. We need to be able to accurately understand how frequent you are getting a migraine, how long it usually lasts and how intense it is. We need to determine whether you have multiple different headaches i.e. a daily regular headache that you feel every day but can put up with and a bad headache that breaks your concentration that you get semi regularly and a third all conquering migraine that wipes you out for 3 days at a time.

Understanding the Behaviour of a Migraine

Frequency: We need to determine the longest you can go without a migraine to determine whether our treatment is effective. Some people may only get a migraine every 3 months, others might not be able to go 3 days without a headache. A major treatment goal is to extend the minimum time you can go without a migraine.

Duration: It is important to understand how long your different headaches last. If you are usually a 3 day migraineur and with treatment the headache is done and dusted in 24 hours, that is considered a significant improvement and justifies continued treatment.

Intensity: We need to know how you rate the intensity of your migraine, normally on a pain scale out of 10. It is possible to suffer from multiple different headaches and migraines either at the same time or at different times. The regular daily headache you get may only rate a 2 out 10 but when you get a migraine, this may escalate to 10 out of 10 in the same or even a different area of your head. With treatment, we track the intensity of your background headaches and migraines independently and expect your worst headache to be less intense and more manageable. 

Our goal is to eradicate your migraines, but even if we were to make your migraine occur half as often, lasting half as long with half the intensity, it would have an unmeasurable positive impact on your life.