The Headache, Neck & Jaw Clinic Experience

Each client journey at The Headache, Neck & Jaw Clinic is unique as it is tailored to your specific neck pain experience. During the initial 1 hour consult, your physiotherapist will explain the assessment process and findings, provide a provisional diagnosis and an individualised treatment plan. The number of follow up appointments vary based on client needs but typically clients require 3 follow up appointments over 2-3 weeks to establish improved neck function and a further 3 appointments over 4-6 weeks to transition to successful self-management of their neck condition.

Assessment involves identifying the individual structures compromised in the neck through gently feeling and moving the head and neck in sitting and lying positions. We also perform important safety tests to assess whether there is any impact on the nerves and blood vessels that pass between the cervical vertebrae. Further testing determines the integrity of the ligaments that run along the spine and the strength and tension of the neck and shoulder muscles.
Your therapist will discuss with you what to expect during and after a consultation and your specific concerns and needs.

Physiotherapy treatment aims to reduce neck pain and optimise function by strengthening and lengthening the neck muscles to better support the weight of the head. We use manual handling techniques to optimise the position of the vertebrae and decrease the load on the compromised structures. Our clinicians are highly trained in our safe techniques that don’t involve thrusting or cracking the neck. Because the neck acts as the transition between the head and the body, resolution of your neck pain may involve assessing and treating other parts of your body. For example, retraining how to move the mouse at work, or lift weights at the gym without straining your neck. It is likely you will be provided with exercises to optimise treatment outcomes and change any bad habits that contributed to the development of your problem.

At The HNJ Clinic, we are strong supporters of client directed treatment. We believe recovery involves joint teamwork between the client and the therapist to reach achievable goals. Short term goals aim to relieve the immediate symptoms of discomfort while starting to correct the cause of the neck pain. Long term goals focus on how to prevent a return of the symptoms by self- management of the contributing factors to your neck problem.


Author: Karri Field