Tips for Making Everyday Jobs Easier - Gardening

Follow these hints and tips and you will feel less stiff and sore after gardening, and you will be less likely to get an injury. 


  • Keep your back in its correct alignment – i.e. avoid excessive forward bending 
  • Push the mower with the whole body, not just your arms and shoulders. Keep your arms close to your sides in order to do this properly 
  • Wear good supportive and protective shoes. 
  • Have frequents stops and rests. DO NOT attempt to do the whole lawn in one session 
  • Keep the lawnmower close to your body and walk with it – DO NOT let it “run away” from you 
  • Wear a large rimmed hat and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and overheating. 


  • DO squat or kneel down close to the area you are working on. Use a kneeler or kneepads for comfort 
  • Have frequent rests 
  • Stretch your leg muscles before and afterwards as well as frequently during the time you are kneeling 
  • Work only within easy, close ranges. Try to avoid excessive reaching. If you can’t reach something easily, move your body closer to it 
  • Use light tools and keep them close to you