Tips for Making Everyday Jobs Easier - Housework


  • DO use a longer pipe so you can keep as upright as possible 
  • DON’T do the whole house in one go! Regularly break; stand up straight and stretch 
  • DO use your whole body with the pushing movement, especially your legs 
  • DON’T do all the movement with your shoulders 
  • DO move your feet to get closer to the areas you are cleaning and keep a wide base of support 
  • DON’T do large uncontrolled movements; keep them within an easy range 
  • DO bend your knees when moving furniture out of the way and try to get help whenever possible. Try to limit how much you have to bend your back 
  • DON’T pull the furniture to move it. Push it wherever possible 
  • DO try to avoid twisting your back too much


  • DO bend your knees and even kneel down when you are doing a large area. Use kneeling pads to protect your knees 


  • DO move around to each side of the bed to straighten and tuck in each side 
  • DON’T lean over the bed to reach the other side 
  • DO bend your knees in to a crouch to tuck in the sheets 
  • DON’T overextend your back in an attempt to throw the sheets or doona over the bed 
  • DO use a doona rather than blankets as they are lighter 
  • DON’T change all the beds on the same day. Try to spread this task out