Karri Field

Senior Associate Physiotherapist

Karri wanted to be a physiotherapist ever since she could pronounce the word at 3 years of age.   After graduating from ACU with first class honours, she discovered a passion for helping people with chronic pain and is currently continuing research with ACU in this area.  Her research is not just an excuse to get on people's nerves, but investigates how pain pathway sensitivity changes in chronic pain conditions.

Karri travelled extensively throughout Australia and lived in Germany for a few years where she worked with Gunda Lambrecht, who specialises in TMJ conditions and is the rehabilitation physiotherapist for astronauts with the European Space Agency.  However, Karri is a Queensland girl at heart and happily returned to the sunshine state where she accepted a position at the Headache, Neck & Jaw Clinic.

Karri completed training at the Watson Headache® Institute in Sydney where she, not surprisingly, learned that headaches are a real pain in the neck.  Karri understands pain impacts on all areas of life due to personal experience with migraines, headaches and TMJ dysfunction.  Hunting down and treating the actual cause of someone's pain, not just the symptoms, is the ultimate reward for Karri.

On weekends Karri enjoys relaxing with her husband and is continually entertained by the antics of her 3 children.  She loves music, dancing, rollerblading and any activity involving water... except fishing.  Fish manage to avoid her line no matter what so now she just swims with the fish.


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy with First Class Honours
  • Level 2 Watson Headache© Certified Practitioner
  • Advanced Vestibular Assessment and Treatment Certificate
  • Advanced Diploma in Dance Teaching with Certificate in Child Psychology
  • Dry Needling Certificate
  • Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner
  • Emmett Therapy Practitioner
  • SMA Nationally Accredited Sports Trainer
  • Presenter to various groups including: Posture to Endodontists; Tinnitus to Audiologists, and Jaw and Neck Stability for singers to The Conservatorium of Music Staff and Students. 

Clinic Locations 

Karri Field practices at the: 

Nundah Clinic: Tuesday & Thursday

North Lakes Clinic: Monday and Wednesday