Wanted: Migraine or Headache Sufferers

To volunteer for clinical demonstration

If you suffer from Migraines or Chronic Headaches We Need You!

Thank you for your interest. We now have enough volunteers for the training session, however, for the next 2 weeks if you contact us to make an initial appointment and mention our Facebook advertisement, we will offer a 10% discount on your initial consultation fee.* 

* This offer is for new patients only, and your initial appointment must be scheduled by COB 31 May, 2022. 

The Headache Neck and Jaw Clinic is running a 3 day Professional Development session for all our Physiotherapists and as part of this professional development, we would like New Patients to attend that are willing to participate in hands on treatment.

Who: New Patients to the clinic who are Migraine or Chronic Headache Sufferers 

When: We need 1 hour - 1.5 hours of your time on either:

Friday 27 May (1 hour - Greenslopes)
Saturday 28 May (1 hour - Griffith University Nathan Campus)
Sunday 29 May (Follow up 30 mins for 3 of the Friday participants at Griffith University Nathan Campus)

What You Get: A free initial consultation on the professional day you attend, as well as a 50% discount off either your 2nd or 3rd consult in clinic if you choose to continue beyond the professional development conference. Anyone who inquires and is wait listed but not successful, will be offered a 25% discount on an initial consultation as a thank you for reaching out. In addition to the assessment, treatment, and discounted follow up offer, all participants will receive a full report outlining their clinical findings and recommendations for treatment/management, and if relevant, any other required testing or interventions.

More Information: Successful attendees will be taken through a comprehensive initial assessment and treatment by our trained physiotherapists, with 10 other physiotherapist observing and our trainer, Dean Watson (Watson Headache Institute), moderating. You will need to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for laying down on a massage table for examination (e.g. jeans and a collarless top for easy neck access). The purpose of the process is for our team to further refine their skills under the mentorship of a world recognised authority on manual therapy interventions for headache and migraine patients.

Contact our Practice Manager, Kellie Ross to register your interest or to find out more:

Email: kellie@hnjclinic.com.au
Ph: 07 3266 3389

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