Patrick Lin

Associate Physiotherapist
Physiotherapist Patrick Lin at the Headache Neck and Jaw Clinic

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Patrick Lin began his Physiotherapy journey after struggling with chronic injuries during his final year of high school athletics. It was through this arduous process that he developed a great appreciation for the complexities of human movement and effective rehabilitation.

Patrick subsequently studied Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland with the intention of further developing his skills in the generalist musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation.

Many patients he saw in general musculoskeletal practice suffered from headaches and neck pain, many of which also experienced chronic and complex symptoms. Patrick felt that without specialist training, he could not create the best outcomes for these patients, and so he sought to develop his skills with Nigel and Scott at The Headache Neck and Jaw Clinic. He has also completed Watson Headache® Institute Level 1 Foundation Course since joining the team. 

Patrick himself has experienced jaw pain and locking in the past, and so is passionate in helping others who live through these experiences.

Outside the clinic, Patrick dabbles in creative pursuits such as photography and language learning, as well as his sporting interests of weightlifting and basketball.

Clinic Locations

Patrick Lin practices at the:
Taringa Clinic: Tuesday and Friday
Greenslopes Clinic: Wednesday and Thursday

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