Post Arthrocentesis Rehabilitation

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Post Arthrocentesis Procedure

The Headache Neck and Jaw Clinic recommends that the following appointment protocol will be required for your post-operative management.

In order to make the necessary appointments in the optimal timeframe, we ask that you call The Headache Neck and Jaw Clinic as soon as possible after you have a date for your procedure to secure your desired times.

  • First appointment within 2-3 days of surgery
  • Second appointment 2 days later
  • A further 2 to 3 appointments the following 10 days

After the second week, we will assess your progress against our outcome measures and your expectations to determine our ongoing treatment plan to ensure long term improvement.

If your surgeon hasn’t mentioned physiotherapy or you’d like more information on our how we determined our Arthrocentesis outcome measures and protocols

Headache, Neck & Jaw Conditions We Treat

Our Brisbane clinics specialise in the treatment of head, neck and jaw conditions, many of which are notoriously difficult to treat. If you’re experiencing symptoms of any of the following problems, our team has the expertise and training to help.



Jaw and Orofacial Pain

Neck Pain and Trauma

Whiplash and Nerve Pain

Vertigo & Dizziness


Singing / Vocal


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