drawing of woman with headache

Central Sensitisation and Headaches

What Is Central Sensitisation The easiest way to describe Central Sensitisation would be over a ..

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Nigel Smith working from back deck

Working From your Home Office during COVID

Our team at the HNJ clinic are starting to hear some common themes from our ..

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Headache Neck and Jaw clinic physio treating whiplash

What is Whiplash?

It’s likely you have heard of it, met someone going through it or experienced it ..

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Group of friends eating outdoors

Are You A Noisy Eater?

Are you a noisy eater? No I don’t mean chewing with your mouth open. I ..

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Gloved finger holding xray of teeth

Signs That You Might Be Clenching Your Teeth

Are you stressed? Check your mouth because there’s a good chance you’re taking that stress ..

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image from above of woman typing on computer

Is Your Computer Holding You Captive?

Raise your hand if you spend most of your day looking at a computer screen. ..

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